Thursday, February 26, 2015

My new business card art featuring over 90 tiny portraits, although you can't actually see all of them :)

Welcome to my new blog!

After over twenty years of working with clients to represent their brands with photography, I have finally been able to distill my own brand into a distinct and resonant phrase (O.K. two phrases, but they are slight variations on a clear theme)! I'm so happy!

I am now the proud and excited owner of and

As I was thinking back to what it was that drew me to photography in the first place, and what has kept me interested all these years, I realized that for me, it's pretty simple…I like to make things and people, "look pretty". It's a simplification. But it's basically true. Photography for me was never about capturing reality. It was a way of taking a subject and making it look better.

There are all kinds of ways to expand and elaborate upon on the idea of taking a mundane or, in some cases, not very photogenic subject, be it an object or a person, or a dog, or an insect, and working with lighting, props, backgrounds, sets etc., etc. to bring out their texture, beauty, character, colour, etc., but it all comes down to what I think my clients really want from me. And that is, to "make it (them) look pretty", or "make me (her,him,them) look pretty."

My main website is still at
It can also be accessed using
as well as

I've done a slight reorg. on it, so now the categories are:

ABOUT (really)
    Corp Intro
    Corp p.2
    Corp p.3
    Corp p.4
Makemepretty BL (link to this blog)
LINKS (this is new)

Here on my makemepretty blog I'll concentrate on the theme of making people look pretty. And yes, this can apply to women or men (guys…just substitute "handsome" or "gorgeous" for "pretty"…for simplicity's sake I had to pick one word...I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt and trusting you get it!).

And I'm just going to throw this out there…I'm going to be looking for some willing subjects for before and afters to post here. This means I'll give you an unbeatable deal on a portrait in return for being able to show the world what you looked like before and after finessing/retouching. Please e-mail me at or call me at 416 465-8280 if you would like to participate.

Thanks for reading and I hope you'll revisit!

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